Our Irish Angel usually has a green dress and red hair unless you request otherwise.

She can also be an Italian, German, Norwegian, etc. Angel, depending on your request.  Specify nationality (or just an Angel), dress color (Blue, Green, Burgundy), hair color and heading:  "This home is surrounded by (Angels, Italian Angels, etc.....)" 

Angel Dove Slates are $32 each

Our Favorite Angels
Our Little Angel Slates

 Our L'il Angel Slate​​ measures 8" x 12".  Irish Angels are all in Green.  All other angels are in burgundy for girls and blue and green for boys.  If you have specific colors you want, let me know.

Specify heading wanted ​​
Specify how many Angels

For each Angel specify:
Boy or Girl
Hair Color (Brown, Blond, Red, or Black)
Add'tl things such as freckles, glasses, pigtails, etc.  I will try to incorporate them into the design.​​​
Our LIttle Angel Slate Price:
$32 up to 5 Angels
Add'tl $3 per Angel over ​​5 Angels
(We HAVE done 22 Angels on one slate! )​