Miscellaneous Slate Designs
  Church        Blue Crab            Beehive           Amish Buggy      Ann&Andy
Angel Dove     Conf Flag     Patriotic Basket      Outhouse          Kokopelli
 Flip Flops          Italian Flag          NY Yankees          House              Frog
Polish Falcon      Pumpcorn         Stalks                 Hearts                Baseball
2 Flags-Any two countries.
Welcome in both languages can be written on top...name on the bottom.

Be sure to specify:
Wedding Date
Hair Color of both
Click on Design to enlarge picture.....$32 each
Easter Egg
Star is Born
Specify boy (blue) or girl (pink)​​
Hungry Deer          Hungry Horse        Huggin' Bunnies
Fall Harvest             Fall Pumpkins          Doodle Do                Snow Angel        Dragonfly
Snowbird/Blue        Snowbird/Card         Snowboard            Snowboard               Snowbirdman​
.    Red Sox                     Bills