Columbine            Chili                         Butterfly          Apple Blossom           Butterbox
Daffodils             Cornucopia        Cosmos           DaisyBasket            YDaisies
                Iris             Geranium          Grape Basket         Strawberry            RedSun
Pineapple   Meadow Flowers    Leaves         Wedding Ring and lettered sample
        Lilyhum          Waterpump           Violets                   Tulips                Sunflower
       Sweet Peas      Sunpump     Pink Geranium        Lilac Basket         Glories        
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$32 each plus tax
Patriotic Basket     Daisies with Pink      Daisies with Blue     Pointsettia     Bleeding Hearts
             Trumpet           Yellow Wedding         Winetime                   Dogwood           Fence
Canterbury Bells       Susan Basket         Lilacs                       Ivybugs